Sports News Site – Daily News Targeted at Latin America 

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In April 2022, Purecontent was approached by a company interested in creating content for a Latin America and US-focused news site. The client had already built the site and knew that they wanted high volumes of daily content, but they had not determined how best to target the LATAM market. 

The Goal

After establishing the client’s overall aims, Purecontent concluded that the client was interested in: 

  • Increasing the volume of Latin American and US traffic 
  • Establishing the site as an authoritative source of sports news in Latin America 

The Process 

Purecontent conducted market research to decide which specific sports to target, settling on a range with a LATAM and US-focus.  

After creating a dedicated team of local, expert sports writers, Purecontent produced short, 200-word articles for each sport on a daily basis. The content was produced in a timely fashion and uploaded directly to the site on behalf of the client. 

The Results 

Before the implementation of Purecontent’s content plan, the site had zero keywords in the top 100. Within the first week of production, Purecontent had delivered 1,420 brand new keywords.  

Two months after the first article was published, there were approximately 4,500 keywords in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This tally included high-value terms such as the names of various sporting professionals and teams, alongside long-tail queries such as “Argentine womens volleyball rosters”. 

Despite starting from a blank slate, the flow of local news content helped the site to rapidly build a foothold in the sports niche, within the client’s target LATAM market.