Sports Betting Affiliate Site – Increasing Off-Season Organic Traffic 

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Google’s E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) guidelines sit at the forefront of Google’s Helpful Content algorithm. With updates changing the goalposts for sports betting affiliate sites using artificial intelligence (AI) or poor-quality content, it is important to create content with local subject experts to help your site to stand out. 

The Setup 

A sports betting affiliate approached Purecontent after their cricket site saw initial success over the Indian Premier League (IPL) season in 2022, before witnessing a significant drop-off at the end of the season. This was followed by little-to-no traction on other leagues or events, which resulted in limited year-round site volume. 

This, in turn, made opportunities for partnerships difficult, and made the site feel like it had a single focus, which limited its ability to achieve its full potential.  

Purecontent was asked to improve the content and demonstrate all-round value, while also giving the client a head start on the next IPL season in order to build on the success from the previous year. 

The Next Steps 

Purecontent sourced a group of experienced, talented, local cricket writers with a huge depth of knowledge and expertise. At the same time, Purecontent’s in-house SEO team was tasked with identifying opportunities for growth on the site.  

The SEO team highlighted a calendar of cricket-specific event opportunities throughout the year in multiple countries. They also identified high impact, betting-related keywords and subject areas to allow the site to build a better internal link structure, which would lead to an improved pathway to conversion.  

Using this strategy, the team of writers were able to generate focused content that met Google’s E-E-A-T requirements.  

This plan sat alongside a dedicated news plan, which allowed writers to share up-to-date insights on the latest news stories and speculation, which was tied to the newly created betting-focused content. 

The Results 

Since the implementation of the content plan, the site has seen progressive growth of its off-season traffic, doubling impressions and nearly tripling engagements through organic traffic.  

In addition, the quality of audience – in terms of first deposits to partner sites – has increased alongside the growth in impressions and traffic. This set the site in good stead for the upcoming IPL season, as well as further tournaments.