PPC volume lead generation

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What we did

After experiencing varied results from advertising with the local press Granite Transformations Norfolk approached us looking for a more sustainable and cost effective source of lead generation.

Granite Transformations in Norwich had no website to call their own nor any existing digital marketing campaigns, so in order to achieve fast results we created a landing page (a mini website) that focussed on producing leads and encouraging brochure downloads.

Starting with Google AdWords we created a locally targeted campaign, built around Granite Transformations Norfolk’s most profitable services and products. We created new targeted ad styles and references local locations to help increase conversion giving the customers the local attention they deserve.

After just 2 months we were in a position where we were generating daily leads for just £17 and at the required volume prescribed by the customer.

What we did

  • We explored how many leads the local press campaigns were generating, and calculated the cost and quality of these
  • We then got the account set up and built out targeted landing pages
  • The daily ad spend budget was set to compete with what had previously been spent on tradition media
  • We continually optimised the accounts to ensure you Granite Transformations Norfolk were getting the maximum leads for their budget

How we did it

Ongoing optimisation and testing is the cornerstone of our service, our team of experienced digital marketers will hone and optimise your account daily. This ensures we never miss an opportunity and are always looking for ways to to increase the effectiveness of your campaign. The longer we work on your campaign the better results we will produce.

  • Goals – Deploy a digital marketing strategy to produce cost effective leads Challenges – Demonstrate the how cost effective digital marketing is in comparison with un-targeted traditional advertising .
  • Timeline – In the first month our PPC campaigns out performed the local press advertising in both lead quantity and cost per lead acquisition. In month two we have more than doubled the number of leads produced and reduced cost per lead by more than 30%

We would love to have the opportunity to grow your business like we have for Granite Transformations in Norfolk.