Global Trading Broker – Expanding International Reach with Localised Content 

Reading Time: 2 minutes

While investing heavily in traditional and digital advertising, a global online broker was struggling to have international impact in specific regions, especially for non-brand traffic.  

The Setup

This well-established, international broker had cultivated an impressive brand reputation during the COVID-19 pandemic but were finding international reach difficult post-pandemic. This was especially true for content that was not directly associated with the brand. 

Content in certain non-English speaking regions was underperforming, despite using translation companies and traditional translation tools, and implementing AI-generated content.  

With Purecontent’s help, the client established 12 key regions for which to develop truly localised content. This would be done using Purecontent’s network of expert finance writers, native to each region and language.  

The Next Steps

Purecontent worked with the client and their in-house SEO team to identify the best content for each region. Following conversations with regional experts and local language keyword research, a targeted content plan was agreed with the client.  

Purecontent’s expert finance writers reviewed the content and localised it to ensure it was appropriate for each region’s target countries. This included the removal and updating of idioms and colloquialisms, alongside any English content that did not translate well to the local language.  

After creation, the content was sent to local language editing and compliance teams to ensure that the translation had not lost any essential information and had maintained financial compliance. 

In conjunction with the written content, Purecontent’s in-house design team created localised versions of all thumbnails and in-page images, ensuring that the entirety of each page had been created for the local audience, meeting all of Google’s E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) criteria in the process. 


In the first 6 months of the project, impressions increased considerably, which was a testament to the quality of the localised content. 

Over the same period, the client also saw an increase in keywords for the preferred regions. They picked up new localised language keywords, which further increased the scope of the articles and the regional appeal of the brand to non-English speakers interested in engaging with an online broker. 

The local language content also helped to grow the number of organic back links to the site from in-country websites, forums and social media, which allowed the client to reach new audiences that were previously unavailable to them.