Link Building or Link Buying – Which is Better?

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The Setup

Towards the end of 2022, Purecontent was approached by a well-known online gaming partner. This company had previously been working with another agency, building a foundation of questionable links that inevitably fell short of the requirements introduced by Google’s Spam update in 2021. After losing over 50% of their active backlinks, the client tried to rectify the issue by increasing their output of low-quality links over the following year, with no success.

The Goals

Purecontent spent some time establishing the client’s goals and priorities, as well as quantifiable KPIs to measure the success of the campaign. 

The client had two primary goals:

  • Increase the volume of quality, authoritative sites linking to their website
  • Increase the volume of localised links in key regions

The Process

The first priority was to remove the most toxic links from the client’s profile, before implementing targeted links, taken from genuine sites operating within the client’s niche. This enabled the creation of more pertinent anchor texts and localised placements from the client’s catchment areas.

After identifying the sites and links required to bolster the client’s profile, Purecontent produced high-quality, location- and industry-specific articles, each one featuring a unique and relevant anchor text.

The Results

Within months, Purecontent had returned link volumes to their previous levels, doubling the number of backlinks and referring domains. By only targeting quality, authoritative links, Purecontent was able to increase domain authority at the same time.