Quality content helps Global Trading Broker increase international reach

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Whilst investing heavily in traditional and digital advertising, a global Online Broker was finding it challenging to have an international impact in specific regions. Non-brand traffic made the entire process even more difficult, so they reached out to Purecontent to help improve their reach.

The setup

This well-established international Online Broker had cultivated an impressive brand reputation during the pandemic. Post-pandemic, the international reach of content, that was not directly associated with their brand, was not generating the same returns.

The Online Broker found that in certain non-English speaking regions, their content was underperforming, despite using translation companies, traditional translation tools, and implementing AI. When searching for solutions, the Online Broker established 12 key regions that they needed support in, to develop truly localised content. They reached out to Purecontent, as they needed access to Purecontent’s network of expert finance writers, in each region and language. 

Next steps

With the target regions identified, Purecontent worked with their in-house SEO team to identify the best content for each region, in terms of the potential of localised content. This involved conversations with the experts in each region, alongside local language keyword research, which resulted in a targeted content plan, tied to agreed timelines with the client. 

Purecontent’s team of expert finance writers worked on the content, reviewed it, and took a localised approach when it came to translations – making it suitable for each region’s target countries. This included removing and updating idioms, colloquialisms, and any English content that would not translate well to the local language. 

After creation, the content was returned to the local language editing and compliance teams, to ensure that the final translation has not lost any essential information, or crossed any financial compliance essentials, from the original English content.

In conjunction with the written content, the in-house design team at Purecontent were able to create localised versions of all thumbnails and in-page images. This gave each page a developed look, created specifically for each local audience, and meeting all of the Google EEAT criteria in the process.


In the first six months after the project launched, the results have been excellent. It is a real testament to the quality of the localised content, and how it is being viewed by Google. The impression increases, versus the previous 6 months, reveals a real uptake in the reach of the content.