Online Sportsbook and Casino pick a winning link building partner

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The latest Google Spam update had a huge impact on many businesses within the Sportsbook and Casino industry. The new move to focus on quality content, rather than a list of carefully selected keywords to appease a machine, means that content is now suitable for humans, and not for computer eyes only.

Fortunately, for one leading casino and sports betting site, quality links from Purecontent meant that not only did they maintain their reach but their visibility grew, following Google’s most recent spam update.


In 2022, a leading casino and sports betting website created a structured link building plan, with a focus on quality backlinks with relevant, active, and engaged partners. The intention was to build site authority, visibility, and increase the level of content on the website.

Following the 2021 Google Spam updates, the need for quality links became ever more pressing. This change had a big impact on Sports Betting and Casino sites, despite their best efforts to keep their link profiles as clean as possible.  

Next steps

Purecontent used its extensive knowledge of the sector to help advise the client of the best solutions, while also taking into account all specified requests and their success criteria.

With a list of industry competitors, provided by the client, Purecontent was able to complete an in-depth competitor link audit, to ascertain where similar industry sites were being rewarded and penalised, based on their link profile, over the same period.

The most important element for the client in their success criteria was the quality of each link. The first focus of this was on the domain ranking of the website, and after consultation with Purecontent, this was extended to include the quality of the website as a whole, including relevance and localisation.

Once all of the requirements had been confirmed, Purecontent worked with their in-house link partners and content teams to source appropriate partners. The task was to provide them with relevant, high-quality, localised content that features unique and relevant backlinks for the client.


Throughout the process, Purecontent saw the links’ quality improve – based on internal metrics and further data provided by the client.

This improvement also saw the links profiles improve considerably, in terms of volume and quality, after Purecontent’s involvement with the project. The client was especially impressed by this as Purecontent was not only able to expand the volumes of links but also increase the quality along the way.

The improvements to the website were proven to be the correct course of action when the December 2022 Google Spam Update was launched. The client’s website saw a four-fold jump in visibility, directly after the spam update was rolled out.

This increase not only demonstrated a peak but has continued, demonstrating the longevity and quality of the new link profile, designed for the client throughout 2022.

This partnership is still developing, as Purecontent builds on this new high-quality backlink profile and generates more successful campaigns.