May 26
Steve Jobs? late-night habits revealed: He sends emails

Steve Jobs? late-night habits revealed: He sends emails

by admin

You might think that Apple CEO Steve Jobs would spend his evenings kicking back and relaxing after a hard days work at Apple HQ.

And perhaps he does ? usually. But Friday night was different. Friday night was a night that Steve simply couldn?t switch off. His mind was still on the Job.

Apple had claimed in a television ad that the iPad was ?a revolution? ? and Mr Jobs genuinely believed that his company was justified in such a statement.

How could anybody not think that the iPad was a revolution? I mean, it?s a bigger version of the Touch for heaven?s sake! Of course it?s a revolution!

But not everybody would agree with him ? and there lies the problem. The Apple CEO came home to an email from employee Ryan Tate, who questioned just how much of ?a revolution? the iPad really is.

One thing led to another and before he knew it, Mr Jobs had been dragged into a heated email debate that covered everything from native publication to porn.

The contents of the emails are available to view by visiting

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