Jun 27
Rolex missing out on Facebook opportunities

Rolex missing out on Facebook opportunities

by admin

Rolex fan page tops index

According to the second update to the quarterly iProspect Engagement Index, a fan page about the luxury watch brand Rolex actually achieves the highest “engagement” with its UK Facebook fans. To measure engagement, iProspect looks at the number of “likes” that a page has, and combines this with Facebook’s own “people talking about this” metric, which looks at the number of ongoing conversations about that brand or page owner.

In the first wave of results from February, the beverage company PG Tips topped the tables, with an engagement score of 16.3%, which fell to 7.7% in May; iProspect attribute this to a Valentine’s Day campaign which was followed by a more fallow period of content creation. Topping the index in May was a page about Rolex watches, with a score of 10.8% - even though the page is run by a US importer and a distributor of the brand and has nothing to do with the brand officially.

Known brands populate rest of top 10

The score would apparently suggest that around 10% of the pages’ fans had interacted with the page in the past week by doing something proactive, such as liking a post or posting their own comments.

More obvious brands such as Thomas Cook, Bosch, Audi and Bentley appear in the rest of the top ten. Over time, the brands that succeed in creating an ongoing engagement pattern will be those who manage to drive a constant stream of high quality content and activities to their Facebook pages.

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