Jun 27
Pope to Launch New Social-Media Oriented Website

Pope to Launch New Social-Media Oriented Website

by admin

The portal, which can be accessed via www.news.va, will serve as a central hub for information from the Vatican. Contributors are set to include L?Osservatore Romano, Vatican Information Services, Radio Vatican, the Vatican Centre for Television, Holy See Press Offices, and Fides Agency, an information service for Pontifical Mission Societies.

Initially, the website will be available in two languages: Italian and English. Later this year it is expected that the website will expand to incorporate Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.
Vatican representatives have told the press that the Pope himself will more than likely launch the new website with the click of a button.

One of the primary reasons behind the creation of the new website is the Pope?s desire to send messages to a wider audience via social media ? a media that he has advocated in the past, although never used until now. Messages will be posted to a Facebook page, via microblogging on Twitter, and through video via YouTube, with everything being linked back to the new site.

In addition to serving as a portal for improved communications from the Pope to the outside world, according to Vatican representative Claudio Maria Celli, the portal is also to serve as a method for the outside world to communicate with the Pope, as well as improve communications internally between the varying departments of the Holy See.

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