Jun 25
Inspiration for content marketers

Inspiration for content marketers

by admin

Ready made sources of ideas

The article suggests several sources of article ideas that every company should have access to.

Firstly, look at your emails and their responses. If you are regularly sending out email replies to questions or as help for a product, then some of them could probably be turned into an informative blog post, or perhaps make an interesting series of articles. This would have the double benefit of providing good content and also hopefully cut down on the number of customer service emails.

Similarly, think about your real life conversations – again, if you have had an interesting conversation with customers, sales or support teams about an issue or product consider whether the subject would make a good blog article. Get sales and support teams themselves to feed you ideas, from the conversations they have - if a question comes up repeatedly, it’s a safe bet that customers would be interested in an online article about the subject. Also, if you conduct internal training about something, think about whether that subject would interest customers too.

The final suggestion is “the party invitation”; what do you say about your business when you first meet people? What questions do people ask? Covering that content should also give you some great ideas for inspiring content marketing articles.

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