Jul 6
Google Says Real-Time Search Has a Future

Google Says Real-Time Search Has a Future

by admin

RealtimeSearch was launched in 2009, integrating results from social media sites like FriendFeed, MySpace, and Twitter. Yesterday, the page was closed, after the agreement with Twitter had expired. But, Google says, this is not the end of real time search results. In a statement made to Search Engine Land, Google said,
?Since October 2009 we have had an agreement with Twitter to include its updates in our search results through a special feed, and that agreement expired on 2 July 2011. While we will not have access to this special feed from Twitter, information on Twitter that?s publicly available to our crawlers will still be searchable and discoverable on Google.?

Google went on to say that they would be looking for a new home for real time search; possibly within its own new social platform Google+.

In research performed this time last year, the social media agency Tamar reported that while 47 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds used real time search, only 8 per cent found them useful.

Despite its assurances, with the closing of RealTime Search, Google has left a gap others may be more than happy to fill. This includes Microsoft Bing, who has been posting recent tweets from the same Twitter firehose as Google for just as long. At the time of this writing however, Microsoft had not provided comments regarding Google?s actions.

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