May 15
Google is highlighting video content as king

Google is highlighting video content as king

by admin

It is important to note that quality content is a key feature for attracting web surfers to websites. Now, with video production companies offering an easy way to create branded content, there can be much more interactivity with viewers than ever before. Whilst readers may often shut off halfway through an article and skip to another page or website, becoming engrossed in video content can really hold their attention. This makes it a hugely worthwhile resource to utilise, and the web is set to see increased use of video content in the days to come.

Is it really worth it? The answer is yes. Several varieties of video content can be added to websites. These include customer testimonials; product media and even quirky and innovative advertisements that draw viewers back repeatedly. This can greatly increase traffic, resulting in better sales figures and creating more of a brand presence for companies. In addition, with the internet increasingly becoming interactive, video content will be vital for future viewer engagement.

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