Jun 30
Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Track Social Impact

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Track Social Impact

by admin

The Webmaster Tool has added a +1 Metrics section that reports on the impact a website?s +1 button has on related search. There are also new reports: the Activity Report and the Audience Report. The first shows the number of +1s a website page has received and the second provides related demographic and geographic data.

In the same light, Google Analytics has added a feature that shows how the +1s affect the clickthrough rate, tracking the number of +1s on a page and comparing the clickthrough rate with +1 annotations and without them. Then, the tool graphs the number of annotated impressions and clicks over time.

Another new feature of Analytics, and perhaps the most useful one, is Social Plugin Tracking. With this tool, a website owner can compare the impact of different types of social interaction; +1s, tweets on Twitter, Facebook Likes and Facebook Sends, etc., thus providing an overall view of how each social media activity impacts and encourages the sharing of content.

The Social Plugin Tracking tool provides three reports, which includes Social Actions, Social Pages, and Social Engagement. The first tracks the number of social actions users take while reviewing a site?s content, the second shows which pages receive the most social action, and the last tracks user behaviour.

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