May 16
British broadband speeds far slower than advertised

British broadband speeds far slower than advertised

by admin

In the latest report by the Guardian it was found that more than 3,000 customers that responded are paying for an average speed of 12 megabits per second (Mbps) but are actually only receiving speeds of around 7Mbps. This is just 42 per cent of the advertised speed - a much lower quality of service than many rightly expect. The publication also said that contributors to the poll complained of broadband black spots in city centres, of exposed copper lines that fail in bad weather and of having to move businesses out of homes because of poor connections.

Two of the most criticised providers that were identified were TalkTalk and Sky. Their customers saw speeds up to 60 per cent lower than advertised. Meanwhile, Virgin customers that were promised speeds of 30Mbps were only seeing 17.7Mbps. Customers of BT were found to be receiving the best service, with promised levels of 8Mbps coming in at an average of 6Mbps.

These new statistics are important for content providers who continually strive to create engaging media for website readers. However, with speeds not as expected it takes longer to load some media options. Content experts need to keep this in mind when developing new campaigns.

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