May 9
3 Ways to Make Your Web Copy Scannable

3 Ways to Make Your Web Copy Scannable

by admin

Use Headlines to Capture Interest

Keep the headline text short and to the point to make the reader want to learn more. Use keywords here to attract relevant traffic to the page and to give them an idea of what information the page has to offer.

Put the Most Relevant Points Near the Top of the Page

Since Web surfers have very short attention spans when they are looking for information, so you want to make sure that you put your most important information near the top of the page. Think of your web copy like an inverted pyramid; you want to get to the point quickly because you can't count on the reader to continue reading all the way to the bottom. With some other applications, building up your text to a big finish at the bottom of the page makes sense, but not for web copy.

Break up your text with bullet points and subheadings.

Writing long paragraphs doesn't work for web copy. You want to keep your paragraphs relatively short - between three and five sentences is sufficient. To help your readers find the relevant points, break up your text with the liberal use of bullets and numbered lists.

Another good strategy is to put subheadings in your text as appropriate. Use relevant keywords and bold type to make them stand out. This strategy breaks up the text into easy-to-skim chunks and helps the reader focus on the information they are looking for quickly.

When you are thinking about your web copy, put yourself in the shoes of the person visiting your site. These three ways to make your web copy scannable will help visitors to your site find what they are looking for quickly and easily.]]>

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